15 Best Fallout 4 Performance Mods To Optimize Speed & Playability


  • Click on the option of “Run the Windows 10 Windows Update Troubleshooter” if you are prompted.
  • Press the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the inspect window.
  • One of those was some BIOS updated which I did and after viola, it began download charging again.
  • Before this specification, modders had trouble with HUD mods since those were constantly overwriting the already existing game’s HUD.
  • You can access the mods section by clicking on the “MODS” button in the main menu.

If you proceed further without unchecking the permission box, you could end up having lots of unnecessary programs racing towards running as soon as your computer’s boot is over. This solution worked for me yesterday, but when I booted my laptop up this morning, my old “plugged in, not charging” problem showed up again. However, when I tried the same solution it wouldn’t work any more. Tried the help procedure twice but sadly has not worked, battery still not charging when plugged in. If you recently used CCleaner prior to having this problem…there’s your culprit, it strips required info from the registry and causes the battery charging to misreport/misbehave.

Leather chest armor mods

If the battery is more than 2 years old then the battery is most likely worn out and needs to be replaced. Dell has cheap chargers, the wire snapped on the inside underneath the rubber.

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Just use the ISO to install Windows 10 on a new computer. Yes, the download comes directly from Microsoft. It should have all the latest cumulative updates included in the ISO.


With LOOT, you don’t need to worry that installed mods have wrong load orders. With LOOT, you can enjoy a stable modded game. Considering Fallout 4 is a game that involves an awful lot of picking things up, your character has nothing to hold all that junk in. It’s thanks to mods like these that RPG games like Fallout 4 enjoy such longevity after launch. If that’s not enough tinkering for you, check out our list of Fallout 4 console commands. Now that your binaries are installed, download an ENB off the Nexus website.

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