Alcohol Abuse Problem Quiz


Alcohol detox can be uncomfortable or even dangerous, but with professional help can be a safe experience. Alcohol can affect every part of your body, impacting the health of each body system when used heavily or for prolonged periods of time. It is important to understand exactly how alcohol can affect your body so that you can be aware of changes that occur.

It can lead to liver disease, pancreatitis, some forms of cancer, brain damage, serious memory loss, and high blood pressure. It also makes someone more likely to die in a car wreck or from murder or suicide. And any alcohol abuse raises the odds of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, andfetal alcohol syndrome. Typically, alcohol withdrawal symptoms happen for heavier drinkers. Alcohol withdrawal can begin within hours of ending a drinking session.

Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder: What are the Signs of Alcoholism?

Still others may have little or no emotional and mental issues — but for a number of reasons, their drinking has gotten out of control. Sometimes, the desire to drink can be so overpowering that your body is unable to focus on anything else. Craving alcohol is the body’s way of trying to stop the symptoms of withdrawal. Asking yourself questions like “am I an alcoholic if I crave alcohol? If cravings are present, take a look at the questions below to address the severity of the alcohol problem.

Am I an Alcoholic

Maybe you have a drink every day after work, or perhaps you enjoy a few glasses of wine at night. If you’re drinking excessively, that could indicate alcohol abuse. In the addiction treatment field, alcoholism is referred to as a disease, or an illness. It is very difficult to recover from, but it is possible to stop drinking. Because alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous – and even kill you Am I an Alcoholic – make sure you have medical advice from your doctor or a rehab facility when you decide to stop drinking. Contact The Recovery Village at Palmer Lakeif you have questions about treatment or if you’re ready to get on the path to recovery and end your addiction to alcohol. Alcoholism is a complex disease involving physical and psychological changes that occur with consistent alcohol use.

How Do You Treat AUD?

People in this subtype begin drinking earlier than most other subtypes, typically around the age of 16. Additionally, they often develop alcohol addiction at a later age, typically around 29 years old. They tend to be around 38 years old, on average, and they are somewhat more likely to be male (65%). Individuals in this group have the highest rate of co-occurring mental health conditions, particularly depression. Compared to those in other subtypes, they are less likely to hold full-time jobs and more likely to divorce. They are also more likely to smoke cigarettes and develop addictions to substances like marijuana, cocaine and opioids. However, these individuals are much more likely to seek help for alcohol abuse and addiction.

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