Strange Bridal Customs in Italy

It hot italian lady should come as no surprise that the Italians have some quite bizarre ceremony superstitions for a nation known for its rich foods, stunning scenery, and deeply ingrained customs. There are many strange bridal customs in Italy that are sure to make you scratch your head in know, from ripping the princess’s shroud to carrying a piece of brass in your pocket to ward off evil spirits.

The Groom Covers the cost of the Bouquet

As a symbol of his love and dedication to the wedding, the groom usually pays for the bridal bouquet. The wedding does select the flowers on his own or with the assistance of his loved ones and friends.

Following the Ceremony

As they leave the church or wedding house, guests may shower the pair with grain or confetti to represent a ovulation bathtub. In Sicily, maize is frequently served in place of grain. After the newlyweds are outside, their guests will come over and individually congratulate them.


If the bridegroom has the singing ability, he did sing for his future spouse the night before the wedding. This is a lovely custom that allows the bridegroom to express his feelings and send his coming partner well-wishes prior to their wedding.

Bombonieri are typically given to the bride and groom at their greeting. These are the customary favors offered at the majority of North American marriages. Five lace-wrapped, sugared almonds known as bombonieri represent endurance, money, reproduction, happiness, and health. The bride and groom chat with their customers as they move from table to tables, wishing them well and extending a warm welcome to all.

The bride and groom did have witnesses(testimoni), as is customary at several modern weddings. There are typically just two or three testimoni in Italy, as opposed to the Usa, where there are frequently multiple bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Witnesses did frequently get close friends or family members, and they will be the ones to say” I do” during the festival.

Generally, the bride and groom does stroll down the aisle up, either with their parents by their sides. After the ceremony, the man does moreover give his family a stem from the couple’s flower. It is still customary for guests to wait outside the church or city hall until the bride and groom arrive, even though some couples choose a more contemporary view of the doorway to their service.

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